Metacity : The Capital of the Metaverse

Web3 comes to life
wherever you are

MetaCity is an Augmented Reality based Mirrorverse built around digital assets owned by its community of residents. Rely on MetaCity as your secure entry point to other places in the whole Metaverse.

MetaCity Residence Card

Mint your MetaCity ID-Card to become a MetaCitizen. The number reflects your membership of an exclusive community but serves as so much more. Use it as bank account and credit card for your avatar. Get early and exclusive access to new features. Opening up a company and conduct voting within the Metaverse.

MetaCity AR-Wallet

The interface and core application to access MetaCity is the AR-Wallet.

The Wallet consists of several features:

  • The wallet itself for your $TOQNs
  • An NFT vault to have your digital assets stored safe and secure
  • The AR-Map for immersive experiences
  • The DAO voting section and community
  • The secure Web3 Browser


Coin Age


The first phase of the rising of MetaCity is all about NFTs. We call it the Coin Age as it is the starting point for the Blockchain-based features.

This is the Genesis of the MetaCitizens.
The residence is limited to the pioneers of 9,999 MetaCitizens.

Arch Age

On the rise

In the Arch Age we want to bridge the physical and digital world. Watch out for outstanding and amazing features based on Augmented Reality (AR).

This is the Genesis of the MetaCity AR-Wallet.
The City will be steadily growing to 1 million MetaCitizens.

Meta Age

Near Future

Meta is a common Greek prefix meaning “beyond” which often carries a sense of self-reference. Thus, we will bring the concept of City far beyond what it is today and lift it into the Meta Age.

The City will be growing beyond 1 billion MetaCitizens.

The Thriving Community

We believe in decentralization and power to the community.

By joining MetaCity you will give back in reality as 1% of the revenue is dedicated to the MetaCity Foundation that takes care of environmental and social issues.

To kick it off and due to the current situation in the Ukraine, we´ve made an initial donation to the Ukraine Donation Fund and encourage you to do so as well. Visit for more information.

#StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦
Now Hiring

Join us and work at the intersection of Web3 and Augmented Reality.