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Capital of the Metaverse

Let´s move to Metacity™

Unlike anything you've ever experienced

People are bound locally in terms of resources and opportunities. Within Metacity these boundaries are disappearing and people are automatically linked to a global and decentralized economy with respective resources and chances.

Be the first involved in a new era

We believe in the vision and great potential of the Metaverse. With Metacity we are well positioned to have a huge impact on the future of the Web3. Thus, we are leveraging VR/AR and Blockchain technologies to create outstanding experiences for our users and customers.

Rebuilt from the inside out

At Metacity we are creating the Capital of the Metaverse. An on-platform economy supports local businesses, creatives and more. Artists sell NFTs from their galleries, residents raise funds with virtual goods, gamers gain paid subscribers using our tools.


Transactions are facilitated by $TOQNs, the platform cryptocurrency.

"Groundbreaking technologies that deliver on its promises and exceed expectations - even with the bar set high. This truly feels like the future of collaboration, art, gaming and there is so much more to create."