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Store, share, send, engage, explore, play and earn, all by being a MetaCitizen. Join and mint your residence.

More Than just a Number

The Core: MetaCity Residence Card

Mint your residence card to become a MetaCitizen. The number reflects your membership of an exclusive community but serves as so much more. Use it as bank account and credit card for your avatar. Get early and exclusive access to new features. Opening up a company and conduct voting within the Metaverse.

- without MetaCity residence -
  • Residence NFT
  • Early Access
  • Exclusive Access
  • Avatar Bank Account
  • Avatar Credit Card
  • Metaverse Voting
- some features available later -
  • Residence NFT
  • Early Access
  • Exclusive Access
  • Avatar Bank Account
  • Avatar Credit Card
  • Metaverse Voting
WHAT to expect soon

MetaCity Roadmap

Join our Discord and actively start influencing and shaping your future home at the Capital of the Metaverse

Coin Age

The first phase of the rising of MetaCity is all about NFTs. We call it the Coin Age as it is the starting point for the Blockchain-based features.

This is the Genesis of the MetaCitizens. The residence is limited to the pioneers of 9,999 MetaCitizens.

Residence Card – Mint your Residence – Minting is LIVE

Company Badge – Mint your Company – Q3 / 2022

Arch Age

In the Arch Age we want to bridge the physical and digital world. Watch out for outstanding and amazing features based on Augmented Reality (AR).

This is the Genesis of the MetaCity AR-Wallet. The City will be steadily growing to 1 million MetaCitizens.

Meta Age

Meta is a common Greek prefix meaning “beyond” which often carries a sense of self-reference. Thus, we will bring the concept of City far beyond what it is today and lift it into the Meta Age.

The City will be growing beyond 1 billion MetaCitizens.

Mint your Residence

Be an active part of a thriving community

Take a leap forward into the Metaverse and become a resident of MetaCity. Sign up for our newsletter or join our Discord to be the first informed about the minting.

Get your unique Avatar

Be present as a 3D uniquely tailored avatar​

Create a digital you, as cool as you and as unique as you. Reach out to others and interact with a Truemoji of yourself. We don´t mind if you polish some details of your real one but encourage you to be bold and be you.

Create and Trade NFTs

Easily mint, create and trade unique and rare NFTs​

Mint land and properties as well as digital furniture and fashion. Become a creator and design unique pieces of art for the community. Buy rare stuff from others and trade them in whenever you like.

Vision and Purpose

A sustainable NFT economy for an interconnected and thriving community

We believe in the vision and great potential of the Metaverse. With MetaCity we are well positioned to have a huge impact on the future of the Web3. Thus, we are leveraging Extended Reality and Blockchain technologies to create outstanding experiences for our users and customers.

By joining MetaCity you will give back in reality as 1% of all of the revenue of MetaCity is dedicated to the MetaCity Foundation that takes care of environmental and social issues. To kick it off and due to the current situation in the Ukraine, we´ve made an initial donation to the Ukraine Donation Fund and encourage you to do so as well.

     Please visit for more information. #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦

Our vision is to create the Capital of the Metaverse and our purpose is to build a thriving community based on a sustainable NFT economy.

Michael Zoelzer
Founder & CEO
About us

Our Team

Michael Zoelzer

Founder & CEO
Michael came up with the idea of MetaCity and leads the Team, Strategy, Marketing & Communications and Business Development.

Dr. Jens M. Stober

Co-Founder & CXO
Jens leads the Experience as well as Product Management, Design, and especially brings in the Gamification features.

Thomas Reiners

Thomas supports us in any regards. Acting as devil´s advocate and building new partnerships are his main topics.

Charles Johnson

Creativity Advisor
As former PUMA Global Director Innovation Charles is our source for innovation and creativity.

Dr. Dirk Sturz

Blockchain Advisor
Dirk is the former CEO of Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange (BSDEX). He has profound knowledge of cryptocurrencies and exchanges.

Henri de Jong

Blockchain Advisor
Henri is CBDO at Quantoz Blockchain Technology. So all about Blockchain is his field of expertise.


Cool Job
Push your career and join us today. Wether in Tech like Blockchain and AR/VR, or Community Management, Design as well as Sales and Marketing.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few answers to the questions that we get asked quite often. But we are happy to take and answer all your questions. Please feel free to reach out to us on any channel at any time.

We started out as two Metaverse enthusiast, Michael and Jens, with Metacity Labs Inc. being based in Sunnyvale, California.

You might scrolled over it, please have a look at #roadmap

Sure, join our Discord for more information.

We want to establish a sustainable Blockchain-based economy and to have transactions facilitated by $TOQNs, the platform governance and utility token. We will keep you posted when it will be available.

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